3.2 The OCLC FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link


This section describes the processing link between the OCLC FirstSearch service and ILL Direct Request. This link is only possible if the library also has access to OCLC's Interlibrary Loan service. The link allows patrons to generate OCLC ILL requests for materials cited in FirstSearch databases.

5 steps to quick link

To establish and use the processing link between FirstSearch and ILL Direct Request, follow these 5 steps. The OCLC FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link Quick Reference, describes each step in more detail:

Step Use This System or Service To Take This Action
1 OCLC ILL Check constant data records to be sure they contain data in fields :SHIP TO:, :MAXCOST:, AND :NeedBefore:.
2 OCLC ILL Create Custom Holdings records for preferred lenders.
3 OCLC ILL Direct Request Web site Create Direct Request Profiles.
4 WorldCat Services Administrative Module

Turn ILL access ON.

Set the ILL option to ILL Direct Request Profile for each database for which patrons may generate requests.

Optionally, customize the ILL request form.

FirstSearch administrator enables link

In the FirstSearch administrative module, the administrator must Turn ILL access ON to enable the link.

Processing options

For each FirstSearch database, the administrator specifies one of these processing options:

Option Description
ILL Review File Send patron-generated requests to the ILL Review File for review by library staff.
ILL Direct Request Profile Submit patron-generated requests for immediate ILL Direct Request processing.
ILL access Off Do not allow patron-generated requests.

Immediate processing

Once ILL access is ON and the ILL option for a database is set to ILL Direct Request Profile in the FirstSearch administrative module, patron-generated requests from that database are processed immediately through the OCLC ILL Direct Request service. If you have not created profiles or Custom Holdings records, the FirstSearch-generated requests are placed in your OCLC ILL Review File.

Transferred from FirstSearch

Bibliographic data transfers from FirstSearch and :VERIFIED: cites the database source of the patron's workform.


If a record contains an Article Title and/or an Article Author, FirstSearch forwards a Copy request. If the record does not contain these specific Article elements, FirstSearch forwards a Loan request.

Databases other than WorldCat

In FirstSearch databases other than WorldCat, article citation information is not consistently indexed in USMARC format. These workforms may require that ILL staff format the data in appropriate fields.

Customize the ILL request form

The FirstSearch administrator may customize these aspects of the ILL request form for patron-generated requests. For details, see the documentation for the WorldCat Services Administrative Module:

Aspect Description
Persistence Lets you control whether data typed by a user in the first ILL request of a FirstSearch session is automatically redisplayed by the system (persists) in subsequent ILL requests during the session.
Send name to OCLC ILL Lets you control the order in which the user's first and last names are sent to the OCLC ILL service.
Display name to patron Lets you control the order in which the FirstSearch ILL Request form prompts for the user's first and last names
Library note to patrons Lets you provide information to your users.
Fields on the ILL request form

Lets you control whether each of the specified fields:

  • Is required or optional
  • Displays to users
  • Carries a locally-supplied label
  • Displays locally-supplied text
  • Can be modified by users

FirstSearch ILL fields

The FirstSearch administrator can control the aspects of these fields:

These Fields in FirstSearch Write to These OCLC ILL Fields
First Name, Last Name :PATRON:
First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State/Region/Prov., Postal Code, Country :PATRON ADDR:
Telephone :PATRON PHONE:
Max Cost, Comments :PATRON NOTES:
Date Needed :NeedBefore:
Dept or Branch :PDEPT:
Status :PSTATUS: