10.2 Direct-to-Lender Requirements


To be sent to a lender, an ISO-10161 ILL-Request for Direct-to-Lender must satisfy ILL Direct Request requirements for acceptance and additional OCLC ILL requirements for sending to the first potential lender.

Requirements for acceptance

The requirements for acceptance are:

  • All fields required by ISO-10161must be present
  • transactionId must be universally unique
  • protocolVersionNum must have the value version-1(1) or version-2(2)
  • The OCLC symbol of the borrowing library must be included in the request.
  • One of the values of illServiceType must be loan(1) or copyNonReturnable(2)
  • title must be present in itemId
  • The first request of a connection must contain an OCLC ILL authorization number and password

Additional requirements for sending

If accepted, the request must meet these additional requirements for sending to the first potential lender:

  • If present, needBeforeDate (under searchType) must contain a valid date that is today's date or later
  • If present, copyrightCompliance must have the value ccg or ccl (not case-sensitive)
  • If paymentMethod (in OCLCILLRequestExtension) is present and set to ifm (not case-sensitive), the request must contain maximumCost (under costInfoType). The monetaryValue must be valid for IFM. The currencyCode, if present, must be usd (not case-sensitive)
  • Contain at least 1 valid lender. If preference (under thirdPartyInfoType) is ordered(1), then the first lender must be valid
  • Contain postalAddress under deliveryAddress

Failed requests

If the request fails to meet any of the requirements for acceptance it is rejected. ILL Direct Request sends a message to your system identifying the rejected request.

If the request is accepted, but fails one of the other requirements, ILL Direct Request puts it in your library’s OCLC ILL Review File with an appropriate error message in the field :DIRECT NOTES:.