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Infotrieve is a full-service document delivery provider. By utilizing libraries, publishers, vendors and online resources, offers access to almost any published document.


Sources of information include prominent academic library collections on the West Coast, and government and academic libraries in North America, Europe, and Asia. Also has access to foreign library collections, online databases, archives, and libraries around the world.

Bibliography/index of holdings

A proprietary reference database of over 100,000 titles contains holdings records and links to publishers, archives, and libraries around the world.


No loans. Orders accepted by OCLC ILL, fax, telephone, e-mail, courier, dialorder, on the world wide web, or through mail. Must provide full bibliographic citation and include any billing references, deadlines, price limits, or other instructions with order. Payment can be made by monthly billing, credit card, or deposit account. Discounts are available for deposit accounts and large volume ordering.

IFM participation



Documents can be sent by Ariel, Fax, Courier, or Mail.

International ordering information

No special instructions.

Copyright cleared service

Assures copyright compliance on all photocopied materials through royalty payments, agreements with publishers, or copyright-cleared purchases. Please set price guidelines for those documents which have high royalty or purchase cost. Will reject a request if copyright compliance cannot be assured.

Workform instructions for ordering via OCLC ILL

:DueDate: Always N/A
:Lender: Enter IN#,IN#,IN#,IN#,IN#
:AUTHOR: Name of author, if known
:TITLE: Title of source publication or accurate abbreviation
:EDITION: If a special edition is required, enter it here. If any edition is acceptable, leave blank or type any .
:IMPRINT: Place of publication, publisher’s name, and date of publication, if available.
:ARTICLE: Author(s) name(s) and approximately first five key words of article.
:VOL: Volume
:NO: issue
:DATE: date
:PAGES: and pages you are requesting.
:VERIFIED: Source of citation or Cannot verify if unknown.
:PATRON: Enter patron name if needed
:SHIP TO: Complete shipping address. INCLUDE COUNTRY
:BILL TO: Billing address if different from shipping address. INCLUDE COUNTRY.
:SHIP VIA: If other than first-class mail, enter method (fax and number or courier, etc.).
:MAXCOST: Enter maximum cost allowable for the document.
:FAX: Enter fax number if you want document delivered via fax.
:EMAIL: Enter email number if you want document delivered email.
:BILLING NOTES: Enter Infotrieve account number.
:BORROWING NOTES: FOR PURCHASE ONLY. Enter any additional instructions or information such as RUSH, number of copies, etc.
:PATRON ID: Enter patron id :PDEPT: patron dept. :PSTATUS: patron status
:PATRON ADDR: Enter patron address
:PATRON NOTES: Enter notes

For more information

Contact Infotrieve, or your OCLC regional service provider.


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