Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Bavarian State Library (BSB)

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The Bavarian State Library supplies loans and copies of original documents nationally and internationally subject to restrictions imposed by German copyright legislation.


The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is one of the most important European general libraries, and the central state library and repository library of the Free State of Bavaria. It holds nearly 10,000,000 volumes, and about 55,000 current periodicals in printed or electronic form. Every year approximately 150,000 volumes are added.

Most materials are available for loan with mainly the following exceptions: journals, newspapers, e-materials, items older than 100 years, and audio-visual material. For other restrictions see ILL Policies Directory record: GEBAY.

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The catalogue of the Bavarian State Library is available at


Supply of loans and photocopies.

Photocopies may be kept. They are charged per article. For photocopies, a separate request for each article has to be submitted.

Loaned documents must be returned within six weeks and may be renewed for four additional weeks if the item is not on reserve. They are charged per item.

For detailed current price information, see ILL Policies Directory record GEBAY, or contact the Bavarian State Library (E-mail for Loans:; E-mail for Copies:

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Standard delivery is via airmail, fax and MyBib eL. Orders are usually processed for delivery within 24 hours of receipt. Electronical delivery via Ariel, Odyssey et al is not possible.

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Contact the Bavarian State Library or consult the ILL Policies Directory record (GEBAY), or contact your OCLC regional service provider.

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