Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)

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Supplies loans and copies of original documents subject to restrictions imposed by Canadian copyright legislation. CISTI is an international document supplier for scientific, technical, agricultural, engineering, medical and health information.


In the fields of science, technology, engineering, medicine and health sciences and in a variety of languages, holds more than 50,000 journal titles, 600,000 books and conference proceedings, and over 2 million technical reports.

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CISTI's catalogue is available at


Both. To order, clients must register with CISTI and establish a billing or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) account. Photocopies may be kept. Loaned documents must be returned within six weeks; renewals at loan charge for each month. For detailed current price information, see ILL Policies Directory record: CAI, or contact the CISTI Help Desk at: Tel: 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & U.S.) or +613-998-8544; fax: +613-993-7619; E-mail:, or see CISTI's Web site


Contact CISTI Client Registration at: Tel: 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & U.S.); fax: +613-954-2217; E-mail:; Web:

OCLC orders are downloaded freqently throughout the day.

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Orders filled from the CISTI collection are processed for delivery within 24 hours of receipt.

Enter the symbol, CAI, only once for Urgent or Direct Service Orders; two times for Link Service and five times for Global Service. Copies sent via fax or Ariel, or by overnight courier. No additional charge for Shipping/Handling. Urgent Service available with two-hour guaranteed turnaround time for copies. Loans and lengthy articles delivered by overnight courier. See :BORROWING NOTES:.

International policies

Prices outside Canada vary-see ILL Policies Directory record: CAI for details. For U.S. and Mexican clients see ILL Policies Directory record: CAI. For International clients (non U.S. and Mexico) see ILL Policies Directory record: CAI. Other specialized (clean, colour) services available. For further details contact the CISTI Help Desk


CISTI collects variable publication specific copyright fees on behalf of rights holders, CCC or Access Canada in addition to its regular service charges.

Instructions for Ordering via OCLC ILL

Workform instructions for ordering via OCLC ILL

:Status: CISTI retrieves requests frequently throughout the day from its OCLC ILL file and changes the status to IN PROCESS. If the material can be supplied, the status is updated to SHIPPED.
:DueDate: Clients can expect to see all filled requests treated as N/A even when it is clear that a loan is being shipped.
:Lender: CAI, once.
:AUTHOR: Name of author if known; see :ARTICLE: for authors of articles.
:TITLE: Title of periodical, conference, technical report, or other publication.
:EDITION: A specific edition. If any edition is acceptable, leave blank or type any.
:IMPRINT: Place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.
:ARTICLE: Title and author of article.
:VOL: Volume.
:NO: Issue/Month.
:DATE: Date (yyyy).
:PAGES: Pages you are requesting.
:VERIFIED: Major bibliography or database preferred.
:SHIP TO: All items are shipped to your registered mailing address at CISTI.
:BILL TO: Billing is according to your registered mailing address and billing method at CISTI.
:SHIP VIA: Orders are shipped via courier, fax or Ariel within 24 hours of download according to preference registered at CISTI.
:MAXCOST: Billing occurs according to CISTI's fees and policies as found on the CISTI web site and the ILL Policies Directory. For information on pricing, see ILL Policies Directory record: CAI or contact CISTI directly. All :MAXCOST: amounts will be respected.
:COPYRT COMPLIANCE: CISTI collects variable copyright fees on behalf of rights holders, CCC or Access Canada in addition to its regular service charges.
:FAX: Enter fax number if requesting fax delivery.
:EMAIL: Enter email address, if available.
:BILLING NOTES: Enter specific billing instructions.
:BORROWING NOTES: Please enter your CISTI account number in this specified format, ex. **CAIDD123456**. Urgent, clean copy, colour copy, Link and Global (external partners suppliers) Service orders can be accepted via OCLC if the service name is entered in a specific format, ex. CISTILINK, CISTIGLOBAL, CISTIURGENT, CISTICLEAN, CISTICOLOR :BORROWING NOTES: Note: For Global orders, CAI must be entered five times in the Lender String.
:PATRON: Your name and telephone number.

For more information

For more information on CISTI see or consult the ILL Policies Directory record: CAI, or contact the CISTI Help Desk or your OCLC regional service provider.

CISTI Help Desk


1200 Montreal Road

Building M-55

Ottawa ON

K1A 0S2


Telephone: 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & U.S.) or +613-998-8544

Fax: +613-993-7619