British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC)

General description

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Supplies loans and photocopies of original documents subject to the provisions of the United Kingdom (UK) copyright legislation. A national and international center for interlibrary loan and document supply.


Holds more than 260,000 journals in most languages and subjects; 430,000 proceedings of conferences held worldwide; 4,400,000 reports in microform; 600,000 doctoral dissertations; and 3,200,000 books in English. 89% of the 4 million requests received each year are satisfied from stock. Also holds a wide range of UK Government documents; a depository library for European Community (EC) material.

Bibliography/index of holdings

The British Library publishes several catalogues of material available for document supply: Keyword Index to Serial Titles (ISSN: 0143-9553) is an annual microfiche listing of ca. 500,000 periodicals; Current Serials Received (ISSN: 0959-4914) is an annual printed list of the 60,000+ currently received serials; Index of Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 0959-4906) is a printed monthly list, with annual cumulation, of recently acquired conference proceedings available for document supply.

Additionally, the British National Bibliography for Report Literature (ISSN: 1460-0390) is the UK national bibliography for non-trade publishing. Each monthly printed list details recently acquired reports and other non-trade material added to the collection.

Records of monographs, reports, serials and conference proceedings are also available on the British Library Public Catalogue (BLPC) at Please note, many items available for document supply are not yet included in this catalogue.

Further information available from

Approximately 48,000 currently received serial titles are listed in WorldCat with BRI holdings symbol. We hold over 260,000 serial titles so we advise you to speculate that we do hold a title.

BLDSC is not the old British Museum Library and does not hold all the books listed in the British Museum catalog, nor those listed in WorldCat with the holding symbol UKM. However we do hold over 3,200,000 books in English so, again, we do advise you to speculate that we do hold a title.



Photocopies are charged at a standard rate per article for the processing costs.

Note:  Publication-specific copyright fees are charged for each copy supplied to the US and commercial and Faxback customers in other specified countries.

Loans are charged per item.

For current price information, call Customer Services.

To use the service each organization must first register with the BLDSC and open an account. This might be a billing account, a deposit account with a minimum balance $180, or an account through your local North American OCLC Network.

Existing customers wishing to pay via IFM must maintain their account. New customers wishing to pay by IFM must register and open an account.

For registration and account details, contact Customer Services: Tel: +44 1937 546060 (Toll free in U.S. 1-866-239-0066); fax: +44 1937 546333.

To speed processing, state your customer code in the BORROWING NOTES of each request.

OCLC requests are downloaded daily, Monday through Friday.

IFM participation



Usually ships within 48 hours of download. BLDSC standard procedure is to supply by airmail or Ariel (included in price). Faxback service is available at extra charge. If fax or Ariel delivery is required, please quote fax/Ariel in Ship Via and quote fax machine number/Ariel IP address in Fax field.

International policies

The Library Privilege Photocopy Service (LPPS) is available to specified customers outside the USA.

Copyright cleared service

Available worldwide and is mandatory for US customers and commercial customers in some other specified countries whose requests are automatically transferred to this service. Every copy provided to the US is automatically charged a publication-specific copyright fee. Other customers can specify the Copyright Fee Paid Service by adding CCS or COPYRT to their account number in the BORROWING NOTES field, e.g., 21-9999CCS. Requests are charged an additional publication-specific copyright fee for each copy supplied. The Loan Service is available worldwide with some restrictions. Other specialized services available-for further information contact Customer Services: Tel: +44 1937 546060 (Toll free in U.S. 1-866-239-0066); fax: +44 1937 546333.


Forwarding service to other UK libraries for photocopies of articles (i.e., no loans of whole issues); loans of UK books including in print material in some cases. Add BACKUP to your account number in the BORROWING NOTES field, e.g., 51-9999BACKUP.

Workform instructions for ordering via OCLC ILL

The BLDSC makes a Conditional reply in LENDING NOTES for items that cannot be located as cited, when further or amended bibliographic data is required, for items for which only another edition is held, and requests for items already on loan. Your request is added to the waiting list. Please advise via Cond/Pend if you wish to remain on the waiting list or be removed.

:Status: BLDSC retrieves requests daily from its OCLC ILL file and changes status to IN PROCESS. If the material can be supplied, the status is updated to SHIPPED or WILL SUPPLY.
:DueDate: Always N/A.
:Lender: BRI,BRI (at least twice).
:AUTHOR: Name of author, if known.
:TITLE: Title of periodical, conference, technical report, or other publication.
:EDITION: A specific edition.  If any edition is acceptable, leave blank or type any .
:IMPRINT: Place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.
:ARTICLE: Title and author of article reprint.
:VOL: Volume,    
:NO: issue,
:DATE: date,
:PAGES: and pages you require.
:VERIFIED: Major bibliography preferred.
:SHIP TO: All items will be shipped to the registered address for BLDSC user code quoted.
:BILL TO: Billing will be via the deposit or billing account as appropriate.
:SHIP VIA: ARIEL —if Ariel delivery is required.

FAX —if Faxback delivery is required.

Orders are shipped airmail within 48 hours of download.
:MAXCOST: $32IFM —if you wish to pay via IFM.

If requesting a photocopy, type CCG or CCL .
:FAX: If requesting Ariel in SHIP VIA please state Ariel IP address in full.If requesting FAX in SHIP VIA please state your fax machine number in full.
:EMAIL: Enter email address if available.

Ariel via email is not available at present (July 2001)
:BORROWING NOTES: Please include your BLDSC customer account number (e.g. 51-9999) and any special instructions, e.g., COPYRT (for copyright service; mandatory in US, therefore, no need for US customers to include), or BACKUP (if you want to try other UK libraries if the item is not held at BLDSC).
:PATRON: Transferred by BLDSC.

For more information

Contact BLDSC or your OCLC regional service provider.

British Library Document Supply (BLDSC)

Centre Customer Services

Boston Spa


West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ


Telephone: + 44 1937 546060 (Toll free in U.S. 1-866-239-0066)

Fax: + 44 1937 546333 or + 44 1937 546403