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Accepts requests from libraries and other organizations in accordance with national and international interlibrary code and guidelines. A library of last resort except for other USDA libraries, federal libraries in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and foreign national libraries.


Bibliography/index of holdings

WorldCat records with the OCLC symbol AGL.


Monographs are lent for 1 month to U.S. libraries only and may be renewed for 1 additional month if the item is not on reserve. For photocopies, submit a separate request for each article. Indicate your willingness to pay charges and comply with copyright laws. Monographs and photocopies are shipped by U.S. Postal Service, first-class mail. Invoices are issued quarterly by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS); deposit account with NTIS is encouraged. For current price information, contact the National Agricultural Library.

IFM participation


Workform instructions for ordering via OCLC ILL

Whenever possible, include the NAL call number, which appears in the 070 field of the OCLC record.

:Lender:   AGL .
:AUTHOR: Name of author, if known.
:TITLE: Title of request.
:EDITION: If a specific edition is required, enter it here.  If any edition is acceptable, leave blank or type any .
:IMPRINT: Place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.
:ARTICLE: Title and author of article.
:VOL: Volume,
:NO: issue,
:DATE: date,
:PAGES: and pages you are requesting.
:SHIP TO: Complete shipping address.
:BILL TO: Complete billing address.
:MAXCOST: Maximum cost allowable for document.

If requesting a photocopy or audiovisual, type either ccl or ccg .
:FAX: Enter fax number if requesting fax delivery.
:EMAIL: Enter email address, if available.
:BILLING NOTES: Enter specific billing instructions.

Any information or specific instructions you consider necessary. NAL call number, if available.

For more information

Contact National Agricultural Library or your OCLC regional service provider.

National Agricultural Library

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Telephone: +301-504-5755

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