Troubleshooting for EDX

Retrieving Files from OCLC (GET)

If you have trouble retrieving a file, verify that the file is there, then:
  1. Verify that the directory path is correct. If you are using a text-based FTP application, type PWD to display the directory.
  2. Type the LS (list) or DIR (directory) command to show all files in the current directory.
  3. Check the command line for typos.
  4. When changing directories, be sure to use the beginning and ending apostrophes.
  5. If the 90-day file retention period has passed, contact your OCLC regional service provider.
Error messages:
  1. No data sets found.
    • There are no files in the subdirectory.
    • Incorrect subdirectory.
  1. User not authorized.
    • Path name incorrect.
    • Account permissions problem.
  1. No route to host.
    • Turn PASSIVE off. If you are a DOS user, type PASSIVE.
Disconnects before transfer completes:
  • Reconnect and try the transfer again.
  • If the disconnect persists, contact your local Internet Service Provider.
Other Problems: Contact OCLC Customer Services Division (CSD) Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time at (800) 848-5800 or (614) 793-8682, or e-mail