• What Is the Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) Service

What Is the Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) Service?


The OCLC Electronic Data Exchange Service (EDX) provides a mechanism for sending files to and/or retrieving files from OCLC.


  • Electronic transmission. To use EDX, your institution or group's local system must be capable of electronic transmission of MARC formatted data. For assistance in determining the capacity of your local system, contact your local system vendor.
  • There are two options for sending and retrieving EDX files. Both options require Internet access:
    • Internet FTP. For information about access to networks in your area, contact your local Internet access providers.
    • OCLC Product Services Web. You must have an OCLC authorization and password to retrieve files through the OCLC Product Services Web. All products that generate OCLC-MARC records make files available via OCLC Product Services.

Note: OCLC Product Services Web will allow you to select only one file at a time for downloading.

How to subscribe

Complete the EDX Assessment Form. If you are using OCLC Product Services Web, this form is not necessary.

You will receive an e-mailed confirmation when your account is set up.


The OCLC system may require you to change your password the first time you log on and every 90 days thereafter. You may change your password before it expires.

Note: Your password stays the same when you log onto a different product within the system.

When you get the message " Password has expired" follow the steps below.



1. Type the OCLC EDX FTP address.


2. At the next prompt, type your logon.

t [xxx] 1

( xxx = OCLC institution symbol; 1 = number one)

3. Type password.

[current password] / [your new password] / [repeat your new password]

For example, apple@12/orange12/orange12

  • The password must be 8 characters.
  • The password must have at least one alphabetic or national character (A-Z, #, $ or @), and one numeric character (0-9).

  • The password does not display while typing.
  • Once expired, the password cannot be used again for 8 years.

If you receive the message " SAF/RACF extract error," your account has been revoked after too many logon attempts using the wrong password. Contact OCLC Customer Services Division (CSD) at (800) 848-5800 or (614) 793-8682 (press option #1), or e-mail to have your password reset.

Note: First time logging in? Your logon, t [xxx] 1, is the current password and must be changed.

The preceding instructions for changing passwords apply to most systems.

Instructions may vary depending on your system.