• Terminologies Set up

OCLC Terminologies Service Setup Instructions

This document contains procedures for initial access to the OCLC Terminologies Service.

Before you begin

Your system must meet the following conditions for you to set up the Terminologies Service:

  1. You must have Microsoft ® Office 2003, Vista, or Office 2007 installed on your workstation.
  2. You must be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
  3. For the paste function to work correctly, the Internet Explorer Internet Security level for paste operations via javascript must be set to Enable. See Enable formatting for more information.
  4. You must have cookies enabled in order for messages about updating the service to stop appearing after you update.

Enable formatting

This security setting ensures that the preferred term's field, indicators, and subfields are formatted correctly and include subfield delimiters when pasted into OCLC Connexion ® browser or Connexion client.


In the menu bar select Tools, then select Internet Options... in the resulting drop-down list.

Result: The Internet Options window opens.


Select the Security tab.


Select the Internet content zone, then select the Custom Level... button.


Result: The Security Settings window opens.


Scroll down to the Scripting section (the second-last section).


Under Allow paste operations via script select the Enable radio button.


Select the OK button, then select Yes in the confirming message.

Result: The Security Settings window closes.


Select the OK button.

Result: The Internet Options window closes.

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Installing the Terminologies Service

To install the OCLC Terminologies Service, you must access the Microsoft Office Research task pane's Research Options window, then enter the Terminologies Service URL.


To open the Microsoft Office Research task pane.

  • In the Menu bar select View, Explorer Bar, then select Research in the additional drop-down list.


  • Select the Research  icon.

Result: The Research task pane opens on the left side of the window.


At the bottom of the pane, select Research options...

Result: The Research Options window opens.


In the Research Options window, select the Add Services.... button.

Result: The Add Services window opens.


Enter this URL in the Address: field: then select the Add button.

Result: The OCLC Terminologies Service Setup window opens at the Introduction section.


Select the Continue button.

Result: The Confirmation and Options section appears.


Select the OK button in the confirmation window.

Result: The confirmation window closes.


Select the OK button in the Research Options window.

Result: The Research Options window closes.


Select the down arrow at the right of the All Reference Books drop-down list.

Result: The thesauri that you just selected now appear in your source list.

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Daily login/authentication

When using the Terminologies Service, you are asked for your OCLC authorization and password:

  • After rebooting your workstation
  • The first time you try to access a Terminologies Service thesaurus within any new browser session.

In a new browser session, once you have opened the Research task pane and entered a search term, when you select a Terminologies thesaurus from your source list the login window opens. You must enter an OCLC authorization (for User Name) and password to continue your search. You can use an OCLC authorization for any OCLC Cataloging service except CatExpress.

Note 1: You can close and re-open the Research task pane as often as you want to during the same browser session. If you close Internet Explorer completely, you will need to re-authenticate.

Note 2: If you have already accessed the Terminologies Service in an existing browser window, you will need to authenticate again if you open an additional browser window and try to access the service in the new window.

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Basic search

To... Do this...
Start a search
  1. Enter a search term in the Search for: box.
  2. Select a thesaurus from the All Reference Books drop-down list.
  3. Select the Start searching    icon.
Stop a search Select the Stop searching    icon.