Terminologies Service support

The Terminologies Service provides access to multiple controlled vocabularies to help you create consistent metadata for your library, museum, or archive collections.


  • Creates consistent metadata with searching, copy and paste functionality
  • Improves access to materials by adding subject and genre search access
  • Increases productivity by reducing the need to learn multiple thesauri
  • Eliminates the need for manual referencing of hard copy thesauri


  • Provides faster, easier access to multiple thesauri
  • Provides brief description and cross searching of thesauri
  • Supports existing cataloging subscription—can be integrated into a variety of metadata editors including Connexion and others, and can be used as a standalone service with CONTENTdm
  • Use to assign descriptive metadata to aid in the discovery of materials


  • OCLC Cataloging or Terminologies authorization and password
  • Metadata editor (such as Connexion, CONTENTdm, or Microsoft Excel )

Next steps

Already have a Cataloging Subscription?

Setup instructions guide you through installing and accessing the Terminologies Service. Instructions for getting started and using the service are available in the service's online Help.

The How to get started tutorial demonstrates the installation and setup of the OCLC Terminologies Service. Other online tutorials show how to search the thesauri and use the edit features.

Need assistance for the Terminologies Service?