19 Batch Update

19.1 Overview

The Batch Update function allows you to process multiple WorldCat Resource Sharing requests or multiple sets of requests. Once you have accessed the Batch screen, the basic update process consists of five steps:

  1. Choose a Next Step (called an Action on the Batch screen).
  2. Assign Request Identifiers to one or more Actions.
  3. Update all requests.
  4. View results and optionally choose one or more outputs.
  5. Return to the Batch screen and clear updates.

This process is illustrated in the diagram below.

Flow diagram of basic Batch Update process.

Accessing the Batch screen

To access the Batch screen, select the Batch link in the Navigation menu.

Location of Batch button on Request Manager screen.

You can access the Batch screen from these initial screens:

  • Request Manager
  • Blank Workform
  • Printing
  • Display
  • Summary
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19.2 Step 1: Choose a Next Step

The Batch screen displays all of the Next Step responses that are available for batch update. The responses are called Actions on this screen.


To decline the renewal via a Batch Update, the request number should be entered under the No (Renewal Request) Action.

  • If you mis-type a Request Identifier and accidentally assign request 1001759 2 to the Recall Loan Action, WCRS will attempt to recall the loan and update the request to Recalled.

    Incorrect Request ID entered for Recall Loan batch update.

  • This update will fail. The failure is indicated by a linked number in the No column in the Lending area of the Batch Processing Results Summary screen.

    Successful and unsuccessful batch update results for Recall Loan.

  • Select the linked Action name or number to display the Batch Processing Results Detail screen.

    Batch Processing Summary Detail screen (partial).

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