3 Access and Authorizations

3.1 Access and Authorizations


WorldCat Resource Sharing enables OCLC libraries to create, send, manage and track interlibrary loan requests and document orders. With WorldCat Resource Sharing, the same Web-based interface is used to make requests and fulfill them — OCLC's FirstSearch reference service. Borrowers can fill out a customized form, while staff log in for complete sharing functionality.

Browser Requirements

Internet Explorer: Versions 4.0 through 7.0.
Versions 4.0 through 9.0.
Versions 1.0 through 3.0.If you are operating with an older version than those listed, please upgrade your browser. You may need to allow popups to access Help or information from links.

Logging On

Log on to WorldCat Resource Sharing at http://www.firstsearch.oclc.org, or the WorldCat Services Administrative Module http://www.firstsearch.oclc.org/admin/ using your authorization and password. You may use either your FirstSearch authorization and password or your resource sharing authorization and password. However, a resource sharing authorization is required to complete requests using WorldCat Resource Sharing.You may link your resource sharing authorization to a FirstSearch authorization to access non-WorldCat databases available on your FirstSearch account.

Setup: The WorldCat Services Administrative Module

Log on to WorldCat Services Administrative Module at http://www.firstsearch.oclc.org/admin/ using your authorization and password. Use the administrative module to establish your resource sharing settings before using WorldCat Resource Sharing. You may use your FirstSearch authorization and password or your resource sharing authorization and password to access the WorldCat Services Administrative Module.

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3.2 FirstSearch/ILL Linking

Linking a WorldCat Resource Sharing authorization to a FirstSearch authorization

Linking your resource sharing authorization to a FirstSearch authorization gives you access to additional features, including customization of the interface used by patrons and staff. Linked authorizations also allow you to access any databases available through your FirstSearch account.

The FirstSearch interface consists of a basic interface to WorldCat Resource Sharing. Resource sharing staff can use FirstSearch to:

  • Search for materials using the discovery view in FirstSearch
  • Display holdings and enter lender strings
  • Enter shipping and billing information and borrowing notes
  • Send requests for materials to WorldCat Resource Sharing

The FirstSearch staff ILL interface provides access to:

  • Patron ILL capabilities, allowing resource sharing staff to make use of Direct Request in FirstSearch (direct to profile or direct to review)
  • Additional tools ILL staff need to allow them to submit requests to WorldCat Resource Sharing (direct to lender)
  • All of the functionality of FirstSearch associated with the FirstSearch authorization (Infotrieve, Select Translation Service, pay-per-use article purchasing, etc.)

Anyone with a resource sharing authorization to their FirstSearch authorization may use the FirstSearch Staff View.

Note: A WorldCat Resource Sharing authorization can link to only one FirstSearch authorization.

Your library's administrator must link the authorizations.

1 In the WorldCat Services Administrative Module, select the Resource Sharing tab, then choose Authorizations from the drop-down list under Staff ILL Settings in the sidebar menu.
2 In the Staff ILL Authorization field, enter your institution's resource sharing authorization, then select the Add button.
3 Select Save Changes.

FirstSearch/Direct Request Link

An optional link between the OCLC FirstSearch service and Direct Request allows patrons to generate requests for materials cited in FirstSearch databases.

This link is only possible if:

  • Your library uses both FirstSearch and WorldCat Resource Sharing (WCRS).
  • Your FirstSearch administrator turns ILL Access On in the WorldCat Services Administrative Module.

If your library has created Direct Request profiles, patron-generated workforms transferred to OCLC by FirstSearch are processed and automatically sent to the first Lender according to the conditions of the profile.

If you use Direct Request but do not create profiles, the workforms appear in the Review category on the WCRS Request Manager screen. You review the request and determine whether it should be submitted.

See Chapter 8, "OCLC FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link" for more information on the OCLC FirstSearch/Direct Request Link.

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