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OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing User Guide presents detailed information for using the OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing service (WCRS).


Although interlibrary loans can be initiated for materials found in most FirstSearch databases, this Guide assumes that library staff are working in the WorldCat database, which is available to all WorldCat Resource Sharing users.

Using this Guide

In WorldCat Resource Sharing, you act as either Borrower or Lender depending upon the task at hand. This Guide assumes you know which role you play for any given resource sharing transaction.


This Guide serves 3 levels of WorldCat Resource Sharing audiences:

  • Novice users who need to learn the functionality of the system
  • Intermediate users who need a reference for tasks they do not perform regularly
  • Advanced users who train (or provide support for) other interlibrary loan users and need support material

Screen illustrations

Screen displays shown in this document are taken from OCLC development environments; these environments are typically limited in scope. Although the names of real OCLC member libraries are often shown, the associated data is displayed for demonstration purposes only and is not in any way meant to be an accurate representation of their holdings.

Related documentation

The list of additional WorldCat Resource Sharing documentation is found on the OCLC Web site at: http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/resourcesharing/default.htm.

Content History

This document replaces the OCLC Interlibrary Loan Service User Guide. Those familiar with that document may want to consult the following list for the corresponding location of similar information in this document.

ILL User Guide WorldCat Resource Sharing

User Guide
  About This Guide   About This Guide
1 OCLC Interlibrary Loan Service 1 OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing
2 OCLC ILL Files 1
OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing
Request Manager
3 OCLC ILL Workform and Request 10 Creating a WCRS Request
4 Using Constant Data 5 Resource Sharing Functions in the WorldCat Services Administrative Module
5 Constant Data for Borrowers 10 Creating a WCRS Request
6 Bibliographic Records   None
7 Introducing Custom Holdings 5 Resource Sharing Functions in the WorldCat Services Administrative Module
8 Using Custom Holdings 5 Resource Sharing Functions in the WorldCat Services Administrative Module
9 Choosing Lenders 11 Choosing Lenders
10 Creating an ILL Request 10 Creating a WCRS Request
11 Updating Requests as a Borrower 14
Processing a Lender Response
Additional Borrower Activities
Completing a Loan Cycle
12 Managing the Review File 12 Processing Unsubmitted Requests
13 FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link 8 OCLC FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link
14 Constant Data for Lenders 13 Responding to an Initial Request
15 Responding as a Lender 13 Responding to an Initial Request
16 Updating Requests as a Lender 16
Additional Lender Activities
Completing a Loan Cycle
17 OCLC Name-Address Directory 7 OCLC Policies Directory
18 OCLC ILL Fee Management Service 9 OCLC ILL Fee Management Service
19 ILL Administrative Reports 6 Reports in OCLC Usage Statistics

Typographic Conventions


Throughout this Guide the following typographical conventions are used:

Character Name
l, l lowercase letter l (el)
1, 1 digit one
I, I uppercase letter i (eye)
O, O upper case letter o
0, 0 digit zero

Note: These characters are not interchangeable.

Keyboard keys

Keys that you press are enclosed in angle brackets < >. The keys in this Guide are those found on the typical PC keyboard.

Examples:   < Shift >   < Alt >   < F10 >

Data you enter

In procedures, data that you must enter exactly as shown appears in boldface type.

Example:   acd books.

Data you need to supply is described in brackets in italic typeface.

Example: au   [[keyword]]

Do not type the brackets.


Available formats

The WorldCat Resource Sharing User Guide is available on the OCLC Web site at http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/resourcesharing/using/userguide/default.htm as both an HTML document and a printable .pdf file.


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To subscribe, send an e-mail message to listserv@oclc.org with "subscribe DOCupdate-L [your name]" in the body of the message. Do not enter the brackets around your name.

This list is for announcements only; it is not a discussion list.



OCLC acknowledges the efforts of all the people who participated in producing the WorldCat Resource Sharing User Guide.

OCLC reviewers

Anya Arnold, Tony Clark, Gabriella Holland, Pete Insabella, Keith Jaycox, Kathy Kie, Amy Lytle, Christa Starck Weiker, Judy Vaillancourt, Craig Wright

Network reviewers

Jennifer Bielewksi, Keri Cascio, Heather Clark, Deb Ehrstein, Collette Mak, Margi Mann, Jon Penn, Tim Prather, Sam Sayre, Cynthia Wilson


Kathy Fishbaugh, Lydia Pratt


Peter Insabella

Technical development

Lorna Williamson