Stopwords for Request Manager

Stopwords are words which are so common in a database that they have little informational value. These stopwords are ignored when searching for Request Manager requests.

If you type only stopwords in your search, Request Manager returns: &Lang.SageMsg.searchRecordNotFound;

Request Manager Stopwords
be  had  it  only  she  was 
about  because  has  its  of  some  we
after  been  have  last  on  such  were 
all  but  he  more  one  than  when 
also  by  her  most  or  that  which 
an  can  his  mr  other the  who 
and  co  if  mrs  out  their  will 
any  corp  in  ms  over  there  with 
are  could  inc  mz  they  would 
as  for  into  no  so  this  up 
at  from  is  not  says  to