Product Update

Installed Summer 2013:

  • Updated Qwidget look and feel
  • Increased browser support for mobile and tablet Qwidget
  • Improved user experience for vision-impaired patron
  • Cookie Policy description for EU compliance

Planned for Winter 2013:

  • Database migration and metrics analysis
  • QuestionPoint feature planning

Installed Fall 2013:

Product feature fixes

  • Fix Qwidget and email form referrer field to display in Ask module.
  • Fix Patron Chat practice form name and email fields to show in chat monitor.
  • Fix link/unlink fields in Policy Pages
  • Fix email contact field in Policy Pages
  • Fix FTP transcript XML error

Technical items:

  • Continue database migration planning  and metrics analysis

Planned for Spring 2014

  • - WYSIWYG editor on the Answer screen, so you can format answers sent to patrons, including responses to patron replies, as well as librarian notes (seen only by librarians who access the session);
  • - Patron replies containing formatted text will now be viewable (and patron formatting can now be preserved as part of the question history); and
  • - Interface changes on the My QuestionPoint page, including bigger font and re-organization of links


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