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Link resolver

The OCLC link resolver is included with various OCLC services. It works to increase access to full-text collections through exposure of your WorldCat knowledge base holdings (holdings you add via the Collection Manager application).

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Dec 2013, 54 minutes, Description

Use of the link resolver requires that you have:

  • A cataloging subscription and a WorldShare Collection Manager account.
  • A subscription to one of the following: WorldShare Management Services, WorldCat Discovery, or to License Manager.
  • Collection metadata in your WorldCat knowledge base (that you added via Collection Manager).
    Note that your use of the knowledge base enables inbound and outbound OpenURL linking and A to Z title lists in WorldCat Discovery. This page focuses on inbound link resolution and A to Z lists.

Expand - Features and other details

The link resolver features a next-generation interface that is responsive to desktop browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Configuration options for the interface include customizable color schemes, library links, and banner images. Other features include:

  • Full or partial article citations, and DOI / PMID queries.
  • OpenURL link resolution supporting both OpenURL 1.0 and 0.1 protocols.
  • Three-tier A to Z browsing for journal titles, collections, and partial support for A to Z browsing of eBooks.
  • A configurable interface allowing you to set defaults and show or hide features relative to your patron needs.
  • Integration with OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, and OpenURL 1.0-compatible resource sharing services.
  • Chat widget integration for OCLC’s QuestionPoint and those from other providers
  • Citation export to popular citation engines such as RefWorks, EasyBib, EndNote and ReferenceManager.
  • A reporting feature allowing users to let OCLC know if they discover a faulty link.

Getting started

Every WorldCat Discovery library has a patron-facing page that makes it possible to search just the titles you've represented in your knowledge base via Collection Manager.

How to create a link to your institution's A to Z list in the WorldCat Discovery interface

  1. Log in to OCLC Service Configuration:
  2. Navigate to Inbound Links and A-Z and select Full Text OpenURL Resolvers (incoming requests).
  3. Navigate to My and select User Interface Options.
    In the "Custom Links" section:
    • In the "Link type" field, select other.
    • In the "URL" field, paste your A to Z list link.
    • In the "Display text" field, type the text you would like to display (for example, "A to Z list" or "E-Journals").

Note: IP address recognition is configurable in OCLC Service Configuration. Find settings in the "IP Addresses" module. You can add a resource sharing request button so patrons can submit ILL requests using your OpenURL resolver. Find settings in the "" module.

Tips on giving your base URL to other providers

  • After you have collections in your knowledge base, your A to Z list URL will be similar to:

  • The base URL you need to give to third party providers is your A to Z URL with and added /link

    See your A to Z link OCLC Service Configuration. Navigate to Inbound Links and A-Z, Full Text OpenURL Resolvers (incoming requests).

  • See documentation on exporting knowledge base collections to Google Scholar

How to include print serials in your A to Z list

If you would like to include print serials in your A to Z list, you will need to add the collection to your knowledge base via using the "Create a Collection" button in the interface.

  1. Follow the instructions to Create a new WorldCat knowledge base collection.
  2. Enable the WorldCat Discovery, Coverage setting in Collection Manager, Settings.

Please contact OCLC Support if you need help.