WorldCat knowledge base

Transition to the WorldShare interface


As we first noted in the August 2013 release notes, the WorldCat knowledge base currently supports two user interfaces:

  • OCLC Service Configuration, WorldCat knowledge base module:
  • WorldShare interface, Metadata tab: https://[libraryidentifier]

Since supporting multiple interfaces requires more resources and effort, we are going to start actively transitioning everyone to the WorldShare interface so that we can focus all of our development efforts in one place and bring users more and better features more quickly. 

Note that this announcement relates only to the WorldCat knowledge base section inside of Service Configuration. Other modules, such your library information in the WorldCat Registry, will continue to be administered through the Service Configuration interface.

The WorldShare interface:

  • Better integrates with other OCLC applications.
  • Is the exclusive place where libraries can turn on MARC record delivery for their collections.
  • Is the only place where libraries can participate in cooperative management of global knowledge base data.
  • Shares the same configuration and underlying data as the Service Configuration interface.

Next steps:

OCLC will handle most of the work to enable this transition. Only a small number of libraries will need to do anything, based on which of these situations applies to you:

  • I currently use the WorldShare interface to access my knowledge base:
    You do not need to do anything and you may continue as you have been. This message is only to inform you that we will be focusing our development efforts on this interface going forward.
  • I have access to both WorldShare and the Service Configuration for my knowledge base:
    As you already have access, nothing additional needs to be configured before your switch. You should transition your maintenance work over to the WorldShare interface to ensure that you are familiar with this interface when Service Configuration becomes unavailable.
  • I currently use only the Service Configuration interface to access my knowledge base:
    If you are the primary administrator of your KB and you are receiving this message, you do not need to do anything. OCLC will contact you with further details after March 24th. If you are not the primary administrator, please follow the instructions in the next option.
  • My institution uses the Service Configuration interface, but someone else is responsible for that:
    Please notify the person responsible for managing your WorldCat knowledge base prior to March 24 and ask them to complete the WorldCat knowledge base activation request form. This will ensure that we create the correct accounts for your library the first time.

After March 24th 2014, OCLC will begin sending out information about accessing the WorldShare interface to each Service Configuration user who received this email or who filled out the request form. It will take us a couple of weeks to configure all of the accounts and get the information to the appropriate individual across all libraries.

We hope to have all libraries transitioned off the Service Configuration interface by June 2014, after which we will stop all development on this interface.

Your account for the WorldShare interface

While you wait for OCLC to contact you with your WorldShare account information, you can explore the documentation and training materials available for the WorldShare interface to help familiarize yourself with the features unique to the WorldShare interface. For example, see:

  • The WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager support page for more information on customizing and recieving MARC records based on your WorldCat knowledge base collections.
  • The "Participate in Cooperative Management" section of the knowledge base documentation page for more information on the cooperative management of global knowledge base data.
  • The location and a detailed description of various collection-level settings that may be under a similar but different location in the WorldShare interface than those in OCLC Service Configuration.

If you are getting an account for the WorldShare interface for the first time, note that you will need to set a password after receiving your information from OCLC. To create additional WorldShare accounts, see the instructions for managing staff accounts in the WorldShare interface. This web resource includes the authorizations needed to allow an account owner to edit metadata in your knowledge base.