Initiate automatic loading of your Elsevier titles to your WorldCat knowledge base

OCLC and Elsevier work together to automatically add and maintain your library-specific collection metadata in your WorldCat knowledge base. Once your collection(s) are represented in the WorldShare interface, you have options to configure settings to display full-text links, customize MARC records, set your OCLC holdings symbol on the titles in WorldCat and have those WorldCat holdings automatically maintained as you or the provider make purchases or other changes.

Elsevier's ScienceDirect collections available for automated loading

OCLC can load your library-specific ScienceDirect e-book holdings as well as your e-journal holdings with custom coverage dates. OCLC will get your metadata from Elsevier weekly, without you needing to send us your holdings. In the WorldShare interface, you can view the collections and the title metadata; the collections will be represented as follows once your library-specific content is loaded:

  • Collection name: Elsevier ScienceDirect, Collection ID: elsevier.sciDirect
  • Collection name: ScienceDirect Book Series, Collection ID: elsevier.bookseries
  • Collection name: ScienceDirect eBooks, Collection ID: elsevier.ebooks

After loading is complete, detailed reports are available from your Activity History list showing “Elsevier” as the source of the holdings information for each collection.

Instructions and contact information to initiate the process

After following the "Before you request from OCLC" instructions:

1. Create an institutional token on Elsevier’s in Admin Tool. See the “How to” instructions below.

2. Have the following three values in hand: Your institutional token from Elsevier, your Elsevier/ScienceDirect customer account number, and your OCLC Symbol.

3. Contact OCLC Support at with this message, filling in your library’s values:

            I would like to configure feeds from Elsevier to my WorldCat knowledge base for:
            Elsevier/ScienceDirect institutional token:
            Elsevier/ScienceDirect customer number: XXXX
            OCLC Symbol:

4. Monitor your Activity History in the WorldShare interface, Metadata tab. Holdings are loaded every weekend. It may take up to two weeks before your library’s holdings first show up after your initial request.

5. Follow the instructions to configure the settings for your collections.

How to get your institutional token from Elsevier

1. Go to Elsevier’s Admin Tool at and sign in.

2. By default, you will see the “Account General Information” page. Select a group from the list on the right. (You might see more than one; choose Admin or a similarly named group).

3. You will see the “Group General Information” page. Remain in the General tab and scroll down and click on the Trusted Partners link in the Library Integration section.

Library Integration: Trusted Partners

4. You'll see OCLC - WorldCat (EHR) listed as a partner.  Create an Institutional Token by checking the Create Token box. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Create Token

5.  You will see a confirmation message at the top of the page and a value for the institutional token. Record your token value and follow the instructions above for contacting OCLC.

Create Token

Note that you can remove your institution’s token in Elsevier’s Admin Tool interface by checking the Remove Token box and clicking the Save button. Your collections will remain in your OCLC WorldCat knowledge base, allowing you log in to the WorldShare interface and make desired changes. See the Who do I contact to discontinue automated loading section of OCLC’s instructions.