When Ariel items are imported into ILLiad, the Ariel cover sheet is stripped off and any notes included in the sheet's notes field are not available. For any request sent with special notes, include those notes on the OCLC Request Form and scan and send the OCLC Request Form with the article so the receiving library has access to your notes.

As a lender, if you are filling a 30 or more page request and choose to send this in several parts, indicate on the OCLC Request Form that gets scanned and sent with the document that the transmission is part I of III or II of III, etc., so the borrowing library can receive it appropriately in ILLiad.

When you import review requests into ILLiad, sometimes the FirstSearch databases list a month/season and year in the Year field. This always causes an error message about putting the correct year in for CCL/CCG.  Change the FirstSearch field to just include the year and put the month/season in the Issue field, or else you will not be able to send your request.

Last revised: 12 May 2003

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