When ILL receives a loan that a patron orders, this loan is received in ILLiad and thereby checked out to them in ILLiad. This transaction does not go on the patron record in Innopac. ILLiad maintains tracking of the due date for the item and sends out overdue notices via e-mail according to a schedule you define. You can set up your overdue notice days in ILLiad to match the ones you profiled in Innopac. So when your patron goes to Circulation to pick up their ILL, the Circulation staff locates the book and gives it to the patron. Nothing else is required. The item remains checked out on the patron's ILLiad record until it is returned to ILL and the item is checked in from the patron.

Another option is to check the items out in ILLiad, but then create a brief record in Innopac so the branches can check out the items when the patron comes in to pick them up. Without that step, there is the potential for people to claim that they never picked the book up. This way, you know you sent it out by ILLiad, and you also know the patron checked the item out. 

Last revised: 12 May 2003

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