If you are using labels in your ILLiad operation, you will undoubtedly encounter situations where the number of items merged is less than the total number of labels on a sheet. You may find that even though there is no merged text for some of these labels, other labels and boilerplate information does print.

You might consider saving these unneeded labels by using the Drawing function of Microsoft Word.

  1. Select the tool from the drawing tool bar that allows you to create squares and rectangles.
  2. Draw a box over the label or labels you do not want to print. (If the fill color is not white, make it so.)
  3. Select the drawing tool that allows you to select colors for the border around the box (looks like a paintbrush) and make it "No Line."
  4. Now print as usual and you will have saved unneeded labels.

You can use these partial sheets up eventually, using Word's cut and paste features and moving lables around on your merged document so that they fall in the right place when the label sheet is partially used.

Last revised: 12 May 2003

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