Migrating to version 8.5

ILLiad software version 8.5 is now available for ILLiad subscribers. This new version of ILLiad software includes enhancements to request tracking and notification as well as changes that will save time for ILL staff.

Upgrade to ILLiad version 8.5 for:

  • Expanded customer notification options
    • Provide real-time tracking of items received and ready for pick-up
    • Enable new notifications via the Web Circ module
      • Items move to “In Transit to Pickup Location” until available for pickup, to provide more accurate request status information
      • Automatically email customers when a requested item has been received at a remote location
      • Send ILL staff an “In Transit from Customer” status that informs them when an item is on its way back to the library
  • A new “custom flags” feature
    • Improves the appearance of OCLC special messages, displaying them in the same window as active requests without changing the transaction status
    • Allows staff to create their own flags for requests with special circumstances without changing the transaction status
  • Request “cloning”
    • Reduces time spent rekeying similar requests
    • Treats cancelled requests as new transactions
    • Available in staff client as well as user Web interface
  • Consistency with some features in OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan
    • Newer status terms such as “considering” or “submitting” are now used in ILLiad
    • Ability for lenders to change request types from loan to copy or copy to loan
  • Support for expanded OCLC control numbers
  • Option to convert articles to PDF before uploading into Article Exchange

New upgrade process

Upgrading to ILLiad version 8.5 and use of the APIs described above requires use of a WSKey (Web services key). 

Request a WSKey through OCLC Service Configuration. Once you receive your WSKey, you may configure your version 8.5 software through the ILLiad customization manager.

Learn more about using a WSKey for your ILLiad 8.5 upgrade:

As previously announced, ILLiad version 8.3 will not work with OCLC as of July 1, 2014.  You must discontinue use of version 8.3 by June 30, 2014 so you do not lose access to OCLC interlibrary loan.

End of support for Version 8.3

As previously announced, ILLiad version 8.3 will not work with OCLC as of July 1, 2014. You must discontinue use of version 8.3 by June 30, 2014 so you do not lose access to OCLC interlibrary loan.

You can update directly to version 8.5 from 8.3 without having to install 8.4 on client workstations. 

Plan your upgrade

Users of ILLiad hosted should contact their hosted service provider (OCLC or Atlas) to schedule an update.
Self-hosted ILLiad users can run the server updater and then update client workstations.

Additional details about ILLiad version 8.5 are provided in the following resources:


For assistance with your upgrade to ILLiad, contact OCLC Customer Support:
E-mail | Web form | Phone: 1-800-848-5800

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