Grolier Online

Grolier Online requires the following configuration in config.txt/ezproxy.cfg:

Title Grolier Online
Find document.domain = "";
Replace document.domain = "^d"; //
Find omain = ""
Replace omain = "^l"
Find "/", "", null
Replace "/", "^l", null
Replace domain=^l
Find setTimeout( "checkForActivity()", 1000 );
Replace setTimeout( "checkForActivity()", 5000 );
Find ((domain) ? "; domain=" + domain : "") +
Replace ((domain) ? "; domain=^l" : "") +

Please note that the line that in the lines with omain =, the omain is not a typo, but rather allows the lines to work with instances of both Domain and domain.

If you use BookFlix, TrueFlix, and Grolier Encyclopedia products, the Grolier Online definition must appear first, followed by the BookFlix or TrueFlix definition. If you do not use Grolier Online, remove or comment out its definition.