Gale InfoTrac

Gale InfoTrac requires the following database definition:

Title Gale/Infotrac/PowerSearch Databases

In this example, replace <Location_ID> with your actual identifier.

Receiving "logged out" message when trying to access content

If you use EZproxy in proxy by port and if you are receiving a message about being logged out when you try to access content, please contact Cengage technical support and let them know that you are using EZproxy. They will then adjust a setting on your account to correct this issue.

Portions of pages missing, especially with long hit lits

EZproxy 4.0g GA (2007-03-12) introduced a change to correct a problem where institutions where seeing portions of Gale web pages missing, especially with long hit lists. Institutions running older releases of EZproxy that encounter this problem should use the Download link at the top of this page to update to the current release of EZproxy.