Factiva requires the following database definition in config.txt:

Title Factiva
URL http://global.factiva.com
Host https://global.factiva.com
Host www.factiva.com
DJ factiva.com
DJ wsj.com
DJ wsj.net
DJ allthingsd.com
DJ barrons.com
DJ efinancialnews.com
DJ marketwatch.com
DJ smartmoney.com
DJ wsjradio.com
DJ dowjones.com
DJ fins.com
DJ wsjstudent.com
DJ wsjwine.com
Find targetsite=http://
Replace targetsite=http://^A
Find name="landingPage" value="http://
Replace name="landingPage" value="http://^A
Find name='LandingPage' value='http://
Replace name='LandingPage' value='http://^A
Find name="targetsite" value="http://
Replace name="targetsite" value="http://^A

If you change your URL line to https, do NOT change the http in the Find and Replace lines. These Find and Replace lines should always contain http.

For Factiva to work, you must also follows the steps in SSL Configuration to enable the proxying of https pages as these are used during the Factiva login process.