Database Stanzas

  • Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The following describes three different scenarios for providing access to The Chronicle.

IP Authentication

The following database definition should be used by institutions that use IP authentication to access The Chronicle:

Title The Chronicle of Higher Education

For which uses Javascript/JSON , the below stanza should be used. This stanza requires EZproxy version 5.7 and above to work:

Title The Chronicle of Higher Education
MimeFilter application/json .* javascript
Find http:\/\/
Replace http://

IP authentication is the optimal method to provide access to The Chronicle.

Username/Password to Main Page

This version of username/password authentication does not work with Firefox or Safari, so it is not currently recommended for production use.

This configuration requires EZproxy 3.2a (2005-03-28) or later. It can be used to provide your username and password to The Chronicle and then take the user to the main page. This configuration does not allow direct access to any page except the main page.

Title The Chronicle
URL -form=post chronicle
FormVariable username= someuser
FormVariable password= somepass
FormVariable goto=

When using this definition, the EZproxy starting point URL to gain access should look similar to:

replacing with your own EZproxy server hostname and port.

Username/Password to Any Page

To use this configuration, EZproxy must have been configured SSL to allows https proxying. This version can be used with starting point URLs pointing to any URL in The Chronicle. It operates by filling in your username and password on any page where this information is requested. This version is most suitable for institutions that use username/password authentication and want to create direct links to particular Chronicle content.

Option DomainCookieOnly
Title The Chronicle
Find name="username" value="">
Replace name="username" value=" someuser">
Find name="password">
Replace name="password" value=" somepass">
Option Cookie

With this version of username/password access, a username and password, see the AutoLoginIP example "transparently proxy on-site users for select databases" for information on how to automatically provide your local users with access to this database.