LogSPU is a position-independent config.txt/ezproxy.cfg directive that is used to log usage information of Starting Point URLs. LogSPU accepts a filename in the same format as LogFile followed by a logging format in the same format as LogFormat. Multiple LogSPU directives may appear in config.txt/ezproxy.cfg .


To record the use of each starting point URL to a file named spu.log in common log file format, use:

LogSPU spu.log %h %l %u %t "%r" %s %b

To extend this to use a new log file each day, use:

LogSPU -strftime spu%Y%m%d.log %h %l %u %t "%r" %s %b

This next example requires EZproxy 3.4 or later. To create a tab-delimited file for analysis, use something similar to:

LogSPU -strftime spu%Y%m%d.txt %{%Y/%m/%d:%H:%M:%S}t\t%h\t%u\t%{ezproxy-spuaccess}i\t%v\t%U

This example creates log entries similar to:

2008/03/14:09:39:20 - proxy www.somedb.com http://www.somedb.com/search/

with tabs between each field and include the date/time of the request, the remote IP address of the user, the username (if Option LogUser includes in config.txt/ezproxy.cfg ; - otherwise), the type of access, the remote hostname accessed, and the complete remote URL requested.

See also

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