Minimum version required

The features described on this page require EZproxy 3.6c GA (2006-03-10) or later.


AuditPurge is a position-independent config.txt/ezproxy.cfg directive that specifies how many days of auditing files should be retained. All audit files older than the specified number of days are automatically deleted from the server.

If no AuditPurge appears in config.txt/ezproxy.cfg, all audit files are retained.


AuditPurge should be followed the number of days of audit files to retain. Audit files are purged each day when the first audit event occurs after midnight.

Sample use

To retain one week of audit files, use:

AuditPurge 7

This entry indicates that the audit file for the current day plus the audit files of the previous 7 days should be retained, but any earlier audit files should be deleted.

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