Planned enhancements and known issues

Future functionality for WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat Discovery has additional features planned, as suggested by the WorldCat Local community and the more than 650 beta participants who helped shape the service. We look for member feedback and will announce new functionality as it is available.

Recently added

Feature Date Added
Display of snippets from full-text resources * Added in April 2015
Full-text searching * Added in April 2015
Improved editions and formats display Added in March 2015
Enhanced ability to print results sets from browser Added in March 2015
Print book facet Added in February 2015
Electronic resource notes Added in February 2015
Google Books preview * Added in December 2014
Support for Zotero citation management * Added in December 2014
Automatic redirect to your WorldCat Discovery URL from a recognized IP range using   Added in December 2014
Support for Google Analytics * Added in October 2014
WorldCat Discovery API *
Added in late September 2014
Chat widget for virtual reference Added in late September 2014
Local bibliographic data display Added in early September 2014
Article-level holdings derived from the WorldCat knowledge base * Added in early September 2014
Item location and availability on brief results for WorldShare Management Services libraries * Added in early September 2014
Ability to search and display local holdings records (for libraries with the availability service) Added in August 2014
Remote database search option   Added in August 2014
Customizable patron request form Added in August 2014
WorldShare ILL integration for placing requests Added in August 2014
Email export to RefWorks and EndNote Added in June 2014
Options for Item location and availability, group views and custom reporting with Adobe Analytics   Added in June 2014
Staff-specific features, to include MARC views and holdings by symbol * Added in June 2014
Thai interface language * Added in May 2014
E-books added to full text facet * Added in May 2014
Downloadable search box Added in April 2014
Permalinks Added in April 2014
Type-ahead search suggestions * Added in April 2014
Temporary session-based lists of records * Added in March 2014

* Indicates features in WorldCat Discovery that were not available in OCLC FirstSearch®.

User experience

Feature Target Availability Date
Subject facet * June 2015
More about this author links * June 2015
Ratings and reviews * June 2015
Course reserves option * July 2015
Additional relevance sorting options * To be determined
Known title search and sort enhancements To be determined
"Did You Mean?" enhancements To be determined
Show citation "impact factor" To be determined

* Indicates features in WorldCat Discovery that were not available in FirstSearch.

Content and data

Feature Target Availability Date
Ability to group similar databases together * May 2015
Ability to search inside a journal * July 2015
Linked data exposure * To be determined
E-book availability and checkout * To be determined
Additional content for the central index Monthly

* Indicates features in WorldCat Discovery that were not available in FirstSearch.


Feature Target Availability Date
Citations in MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago and Harvard formats July 2015
Ability to share on social media July 2015
Permanent user lists   July 2015
Support for EasyBib export   July 2015
Initial knowledge card display * To be determined
Call number index browse * To be determined
Ability to customize facets * To be determined

* Indicates features in WorldCat Discovery that were not available in FirstSearch.

Migration timeline

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Migration information

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