Getting started with WorldCat® Discovery Services

1. See this important information about your URL and accounts

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For additional help, view the tutorial: Getting started with WorldCat Discovery Services

Browser Requirements, WorldCat Discovery interface
The WorldCat Discovery interface requires use of the latest version of the following browsers. We also test a variety of additional devices to support mobile and tablet views:
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10

Your WorldCat Discovery URL
If you did not receive your URL from Order Services, visit the How to Order page. If your library has an existing branded URL such as, it will still work. You can continue to use FirstSearch if desired (it will be discontinued late 2015).

Create and manage staff accounts
See the guide to create or edit staff accounts for the WorldCat Discovery interface.

Administrative interface, OCLC Service Configuration
Administrative settings for WorldCat Discovery are in Service Configuration. OCLC Order Services sent you a reminder of your username or instructions to create an account.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan users: You have two Service Configuration accounts. The credentials you use to update WorldCat Discovery are different from your WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (WSILL) credentials. You will need to switch browsers or clear browser data in order to log in to the alternate account. Look for text similar to the below in your browser:
     Internet Explorer (IE): Tools (or Safety) - Delete browsing history
     Mozilla Firefox:  History - Clear recent history
     Google Chrome: History (or Settings, Advanced settings) - Clear browsing data
The log in screen,, is divided into two sections/buttons; be sure to click the correct section for WorldCat Discovery or for WSILL. See the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan support site for information about your account.

WorldShare interface
Libraries that implement the WorldCat knowledge base or other services on the WorldShare Platform will have an account for the WorldShare interface. Log in to add metadata to represent your electronic collections at your library-specific URL:

Attend a training session (optional)

2. Follow the guide to configure your settings

WorldCat Discovery settings: Customize your interface and searchable content
Your interface can by customized and ready to use in about twenty minutes!

3. Explore interface features and learn how to perform expert searches 

See Maximize your library’s WorldCat Discovery interface features for tips on navigating, searching, adding/removing databases, permalinks and more.

For details on expert searching with index labels, see the Searching WorldCat Indexes guide.

Get started with options

Libraries that added options to their WorldCat Discovery Services subscription have additional settings to enhance their WorldCat Discovery experience.

If you have not yet done so, follow the steps listed above. Configure additional settings as detailed on the Getting started with options page.

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