WorldCat® Discovery Services documentation

Get started

See the Getting started with WorldCat Discovery recording (7+ minutes). Register for a course listed on the Training page.

Explore features

Find details about advanced searching and interface features such as citations and lists.

Complete list of documentation

WorldCat Discovery settings and customizations
  • Configure content and staff features
  • Add patron-facing features
Staff accounts
Resource sharing customizations See the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan support pages for more information.

Embed a search box & use parameters
Add a WorldCat Discovery search box to any webpage

Linking from search results to your OPAC
Instructions on how to configure Deep OPAC links

OCLC Service Configuration guide
Complete guide to the administrative modules

Configure Google Analytics for use with WorldCat Discovery
Information on enabling a Google Analytics account for use with WorldCat Discovery. In order to enable this feature, you need access to OCLC Service Configuration (My > Google Analytics).

See which subscription databases you can add to your search content in WorldCat Discovery

Searching in WorldCat Discovery and interface features
Information on query syntax, the Advanced Search screen options, filtering search results, and sharing links to records

FirstSearch & WorldCat Discovery differences
See a chart of differences in index labels and query syntax

Record display of item bibliographic data
See the fields of item bibliographic data shown for items in the Discovery interface

Local data in WorldCat Discovery
Information on how WorldCat Discovery maps local bibliographic data (LBD) and local holding records (LHRs) to OCLC MARC tags.

Searching WorldCat indexes: The complete guide
Comprehensive information about indexes for record retrieval

Getting started with options
Instructions for libraries that have added options. See the product page for ordering information

Course Reserves in WorldCat Discovery
Instructions on setting up and using course reserves (for WorldShare Management Services and WorldCat Local libraries and libraries that purchased the option)

Collections and content

See which subscription databases you can add to your metasearch content.

  • Complete list of databases (.xlsx)
    Includes target IDs and remote databases (for WorldCat Local, WorldShare Management Services, and libraries with the option for remote database search)

Alternatively, see pre-filtered lists of the content above:

Complete collections Open access collections Remote databases (remote database access requires the remote database search options) Content that requires authentication to search Searchable full text Centrally-indexed collections to enable in Service Configuration (includes Target IDs for search box creation)

WorldCat knowledge base collections

You have the option to surface full-text links in your Discovery interface to your subscription e-resources. Add collection metadata to your knowledge base via WorldShare Collection Manager, Metadata tab. Find the request form on the Collection Manager support page.