About Project Settings

After you create a project or open a shared project, the Project tab is available in the Project Client, and you can establish the settings you want to use by reviewing the Project Settings Manager.

The Project Settings Manager is a centralized interface to view project information and edit many settings that can make adding items to your collection and working in the Project Client more efficient.

Default project settings match collection configuration settings and server settings, set using CONTENTdm Administration. Some Project Client settings will override these defaults.

Note: Some settings are set at the collection level by your server administrator and cannot be edited using the Project Settings Manager. Any project-level settings you save for working in the Project Client will override the corresponding collection and server settings while you work in the project.

Learn about:

  1. Accessing the Project Settings Manager
  2. General Settings
  3. Metadata Templates
  4. Metadata Field Types
  5. Images & Thumbnails
  6. Processing
  7. OCR
  8. Project Options
  9. Find in Collection