• Approving and Indexing: Troubleshooting Problems (4/8/2011)

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Approving and Indexing: Troubleshooting Problems

Last review: April 8, 2011

Description: When approve or index problems occur, there can be several possible causes. Careful observation of the nature of the errors often can lead to a quick resolution.


When the approve or index processes are run through CONTENTdm Administration, the following steps occur behind-the-scenes:

1. When the user clicks "Index" or "Approve", the CGI writes a job file to the CONTENTdm Server's "spool" directory.

2. The CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon) process reads from the "spool" directory once per minute, and runs any jobs found.

3. The CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon) process executes the Approve process (approvecmd) or Build process (buildcmd), depending on the nature of the request.

4. When approvecmd or buildcmd completes, CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon) deletes all locks and job files so that the CGI can indicate the job has finished in CONTENTdm Administration.

Based on this process, there can be several possible errors that cause problems:

* CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon) is not running.
* CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon) cannot read the files from the "spool" directory.
* CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon) cannot execute the approvecmd process or buildcmd process.
* When approvecmd or buildcmd are run by CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon), they cannot write to the collection data files.
* CONTENTdm Monitor (cdmmon) cannot delete the job files from the "spool" directory.

Except for the first problem, most of these issues are caused by incorrect file ownership or permissions settings. On Windows servers, the monitor process runs as a Service ("CONTENTdm Monitor"). On Linux, the process is "cdmmon" and should be configured to run as the Apache user as specified by /scripts/cdmServices.pl.

Permissions configuration problems can often be resolved by running the command-line permissions script in the CONTENTdm installation. On Windows, this is the file \bin\setCDMpermissions.exe. On Linux, it is /scripts/perms.pl. In both cases, the permissions scripts will only correct file ownership and permissions on the CONTENTdm Server installation files (e.g., the "spool" directory and the approvecmd, buildcmd, and cdmmon binaries).

The collection data files should have their permissions set manually. On Windows, the CONTENTdm Administrators group needs to be able to Read and Write to all of the collection files (or given Full Control). The Administrators group should also be given Full Control over the collection data files. On Linux, the Apache user needs to be able to Read and Write to all of the collection files.

If you are experiencing difficulties on an earlier version of CONTENTdm, your issue may have been fixed by a later release.

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