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If you need access to Collection Manager (the Metadata tab in the WorldShare interface), see the information to create your account.

Add your collection(s)

Search for the collection:

  • Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL ( [Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier]). Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager and locate the search box.
  • Un-check My Selected Collections to search across the content in the global knowledge base. Search for your collection. See the help system for tips on searching.

Add the collection/collection titles to your library's knowledge base:

  • The global knowledge base collection includes all available titles. Most libraries subscribe to a subset of the titles available. Modify the collection to select the titles to which your library subscribes and to enter your library's coverage information.

Choose the instructions that apply to your needs

Record delivery is available both to libraries with and without an OCLC Cataloging Subscription. However, some functionality is available only to libraries with an OCLC Cataloging Subscription. Instructions, like those to enable WorldCat holdings, are relevant to libraries with an OCLC Cataloging Subscription and will be demarcated accordingly.

Get WorldCat records

To enable record delivery, customize your records, and retrieve records from the WorldShare interface, follow the guide to:

Get records for content from your providers

Use your collection data with other OCLC products and services

Expand the section below for links to instructions to expose full-text links in WorldCat Discovery, deflect lending requests for WorldShare ILL, and more:

Use collection data with other OCLC products and services

When you have added at least one knowledge base collection in Collection Manager, you have options to:

If you use other OCLC products and services, you have options to:

Find additional support materials

See the Collection Manager support site for links to a complete list of documentation, release notes, and more. Expand the sections below for more information.

Office hours

Office hours

Visit us in office hours. No appointment is needed.

Missing records for a knowledge base collection?

Missing records?

See the possible reasons why you did not receive a record for a title:

The title does not meet content type requirements

Titles in Collection Manager must:

  • Have an OCLC number and have a URL/856 and be of a readable format and coverage (i.e., journal [fulltext, print], ebook, and so forth), or
  • Have an OCLC number and lack a URL/856 but have a content type of other or print

For more details, about the types of materials that can output a MARC record, see the knowledge base FAQ page and navigate to the section on Record delivery of knowledge base collections.

The title does not have an OCLC number

  • No record exists for the item in WorldCat
  • A record exists but because of the complexities of cataloging electronic items, it is not classified as an electronic resource in a way that corresponds to the knowledge base’s matching process

About the percentage of titles with OCLC numbers in a collection

The percentage of OCLC numbers in a collection listed in the Collections available in the WorldCat knowledge base can help you determine the percentage of records that will be output for a collection.

If a matching OCLC number becomes available at a later date, the corresponding WorldCat record will be issued automatically. You can add an OCLC number manually. Doing so will trigger the output of the corresponding record.

To view gaps in OCLC number coverage for an individual collection, search for and open the collection in Collection Manager and expand Titles. Download the collection's KBART sheet and review the oclc_number column.

How to help improve OCLC number coverage for all libraries

To have OCLC numbers added to a global collection by the knowledge base team:

  1. Complete the OCLC number correction form with as much detail as possible for each title.
  2. Submit the form as a support request to OCLC support, indicating that you'd like the knowledge base team to add the OCLC numbers to the attached titles.
  3. The knowledge base team will review and schedule the addition of these OCLC numbers typically within 1-3 months.