Get WorldCat records and holdings for content from Casalini Libri

Find more information about cataloging partner collections and other types of collections available through WorldShare Collection Manager.

Get started

If you need access to Collection Manager (the Metadata tab in the WorldShare interface), see the information to create your account.

Coordinate with your provider

After you order items from your provider, at your request, your provider will send OCLC an electronic invoice with your order information (called a "manifest"). Before you get started, please note:

  • The account number and collection ID you enter in Collection Manager must match what is in the manifest that your provider sends to OCLC on your behalf. See the required fields for creating a cataloging partner collection in Collection Manager for more information.
  • Providers differ in the data they send OCLC in your manifest. For information about the data elements you can map to your records in Collection Manager, see the table of cataloging partner data values.

Next steps

Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL ( [Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier]). Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

Get customized records for cataloging partner collections

The instructions include the steps to:

  1. Configure settings and customize records in Collection Manager.
  2. Create cataloging partner collections in Collection Manager.
  3. Retrieve your records from the WorldShare interface.

Visit us in office hours. See the Collection Manager support site for links to a complete list of documentation, release notes, and more.