• Batchload transition

WorldCat® data sync collections in WorldShare® Collection Manager

Batchload is the next OCLC service to transition to WorldShare Collection Manager as part of our efforts to streamline cataloging workflows. This transition to “data sync collections” is now underway.

If you have any questions, please contact OCLC support. For institutions outside North and South America, please check with your regional support team before creating or modifying a data sync collection.

Getting started

Getting started with data sync collections

WorldCat data sync collections in WorldShare Collection Manager

This two-part, introductory session to WorldCat data sync collections reviews settings, the creation of data sync collections, uploading data, and interpreting output and reports.

Part 1 explains how to create a WorldCat data sync collection and how to upload data for processing. The institution-level settings that apply to data sync collections are reviewed.

Part 2 focuses on interpreting output files and reports and reviewing records in WorldCat Staging (a temporary location for unresolved records that result from processing).

Please note: You will be asked to register to view the recordings. This information is helpful to OCLC Training so that we can track training reach and allow you to provide feedback on the sessions.

View Part 1 recorded session (1 hour)

View Part 2 recorded session (1 hour)

Managing your account

Get instructions on managing your account


Create Your WorldShare Metadata Account

This video shows how to add metadata to an existing OCLC Services account, and how to create a new OCLC Services account.

View recorded session (6 min 32 sec)

New terminology

  Current New
Name Batchload project WorldCat data sync collection
Submit Order Online Service Center WorldShare Collection Manager
Send Files EDX or Product Services Web FTP or Metadata My Files
Receive Files EDX or Product Services Web FTP or Metadata My Files
Reports EDX or Product Services Web My Files & Usage Stats

WorldCat data sync collections


Get instructions on institution-level settings

Searching data sync collections in WorldShare Collection Manager

Get instructions on searching


Search for WorldCat data sync collections

This video explains how to search for WorldCat data sync collections within WorldShare Collection Manager.

View recorded session (3 min 41 sec)

Data preparation and processing

Data preparation

Get information about data preparation

Files and reports

Sending files

Get instructions on sending files

Processing a WorldCat data sync collection... Send files using FTP

This video explains how to name files and upload them through FTP for data sync processing.

View recorded session (4 min 44 sec)

Retrieving files and reports

Get instructions on retrieving files and reports

Note: Files are made available via sFTP at least once every three hours (approximately), while files are made available via My Files three or four times a day. Thus, it is possible to see a file via sFTP before it is available via My Files.

OCLC is working on tighter synchronization between sFTP and My Files so that files will appear in both places almost simultaneously.

Need Help?

Contact Support

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Contact OCLC Support in your region.

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