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Known issues

The table below lists known issues in the WorldShare Collection Manager application and in WorldCat knowledge base collections and functionality. Availability dates are subject to change. Please see the OCLC System Alerts page for active issues.

Updated:  October 17, 2016

Known Issue: When adding titles or submitting title data changes other than OCLC number through cooperative management, changes are only preserved across data updates from the provider for a subset of collections.

While OCLC number change submissions are retained for all collections, other cooperative management functionality only works for a subset of WorldCat knowledge base collections.  View the list of WorldCat knowledge base collections for which all cooperative changes are retained across data updates.

Do not add titles or submit title data changes (other than OCN) through the cooperative for collections that are not included on the above list. If you do, they will be overwritten on the next data load that OCLC processes from the provider. Note that this will not affect any changes you have made to title data in your local version of the knowledge base collection. We always recommend making the changes you need to customizable collections and saving those changes locally.

This issue does not affect any of the cooperative collections that are added to the knowledge base by member libraries. Also, OCN submissions through the cooperative are now retained for ALL knowledge base collections.


Known Issue: 'Deliver records for a collection in a separate file' option not saving properly for Query collections

The option to output MARC records in a separate file is not saving properly at this time for Query collections. The workaround is to create the collection, then go back to the Search feature using ‘My selected Collections’ to search and retrieve your collection again. Once you are in the collection, this option will save properly. This issue has been logged and will be resolved with the next install.


Known Issue: Display of collection type missing from interface

The list of collections in the interface no longer displays the collection type (like private, customizable and non-customizable).  The pencil icon is also missing from customizable collections.  This labeling was removed from the interface temporarily and will be put back in with the next install.


Known Issue: Update records always delivered when Provider name or Collection name changes

We have a known issue that causes an update record to be delivered whenever a Provider name or Collection name for a knowledge base collection changes, regardless of whether or not those values have been profiled for MARC output.  This issue has been logged and will be resolved in a future release.


Known Issue: Query Collection

In some cases, the Collection Manager interface can return a quick count of retrieved titles even when the query is invalid.  This title count will drop to zero when Collection Manager later attempts to query the system for record delivery.  The issues are under investigation.

Quick tip:  Always refer to Searching WorldCat Indexes to ensure you're using valid indexes and index labels.  For example:  "mt:bks" is the accepted index to retrieve books. "mt:books" is not an accepted index. This issue does not affect any of the cooperative collections that are added to the knowledge base by member libraries.


Known Issue: URLs are dropped when multiple titles in a single collection have the same OCLC number

In cases where a single knowledge base collection contains multiple titles with the same OCLC number, Collection Manager will only deliver a single MARC record with a single URL.  For example, Collection1 has TitleA and TitleB, and both titles share OCN1.  In this scenario Collection Manager will only deliver the URL for the title with the oldest update date.

Known Issue: Gaps in OCLC number coverage for WorldCat knowledge base collections

Collection Manager cannot set holdings or deliver MARC records for titles that are not associated with an OCLC number.  This can include cases where:

  1. No records exist for the item in WorldCat.
  2. Records exist but are not classified as electronic resources in a way that corresponds to the knowledge base’s matching process because of the complexities of cataloging electronic items.

If a matching OCLC number becomes available at a later date the corresponding WorldCat record will be issued automatically and/or a holding will be set.  A library also has the option to add an OCLC number manually for a title, triggering the output of the corresponding record in a future delivery and the setting of holdings on the item.  To view gaps in OCLC number coverage for an individual collection, download the collection’s KBART sheet and review the column labeled, “oclc_number.”

To have OCLC numbers added to a global collection by the knowledge base team, complete the OCLC number correction form with as much detail as possible for each title. Submit the form as a support request to OCLC support, indicating that you'd like the knowledge base team to add the OCLC numbers to the attached titles. The knowledge base team will review and schedule the addition of these OCLC numbers in 1-3 months.

Known Issue: Browser compatibility in WorldShare

We are investigating a report of an error message a user received while working in the WorldShare interface. We are testing the interface across various browsers. At this time, we suggest the use of Mozilla Firefox until we further investigate all browser compatibility issues.

Please note that the interface is designed to time out after periods of no activity; this is a security feature. If you are pulled away from your work in Collection Manager in the WorldShare interface for a time, you may need to log out and log back in, in order to save your changes.