Select a collection in full

Follow the instructions to search in Collection Manager and select knowledge base collections that match your subscription.

Follow the steps:

What collections are available in the WorldCat knowledge base?
Browse the list of collections in the WorldCat knowledge base (updated monthly). Alternatively, return all available collections in a search in Collection Manager by un-checking My Selected Collections and clicking Search.

Note: If your library subscribes to a subset of the titles in a collection, you can download a KBART-formatted file to modify the collection. Please follow the instructions to modify a collection to select your subset of titles using a KBART file.

Search for a knowledge base collection

Collection Manager search

Search for the collection:

  • Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL ( [Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier]). Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager and locate the search box.
  • Un-check My Selected Collections to search across the content in the global knowledge base. Search for your collection. See the help system for tips on searching.

You will see a list of results that includes the collection name, the provider, and the number of titles you have selected out of the total number in the global collection, for example, 0/262 titles.

View collection and title information

To open a collection, click on the name of a collection in search results returned from a search in Collection Manager. Opening the collection will allow you to view the collection-level settings. Expand Titles to view the titles in the collection. You can view the titles and compare them to those in your subscription.

You have the option to download a file of title data and view it as a spreadsheet.

Download a KBART-formatted spreadsheet of title data:

  • After opening a collection, expand Titles.
  • On the right side of the screen, use the More Actions menu to select Download.

Customizable and Non-Customizable collections: What you need to know when selecting collections

Knowledge base collections in search results returned from a search in Collection Manager will be marked Customizable or Non-Customizable. Regardless of this designation, you will be able to see the titles included in the collection and you will be able to download a KBART-formatted spreadsheet of the title data.

If a collection is Customizable, you have the following options for selecting the collection:

  • Select the collection as a whole,
  • Modify the title selections, coverage and other title data to match your library-specific holdings one title at a time within the interface or in bulk by modifying the KBART-formatted spreadsheet and uploading your modified file.

If a collection in Non-Customizable, you have the following options for selecting the collection:

  • Select the collection as a whole.

Find more information about Customizable and Non-Customizable collections and specific requirements for creating and sharing collections.

Select a collection

After you search for the collection, you will see a list of results that include the collection name, the provider and the number of titles in the collection. On the right side of the screen will be one of two buttons, either Select Collection or Add to Order (Libraries with WorldShare Acquisitions).


To select a collection in full, click Select Collection.

After selecting the collection, a Locked for re-indexing message will appear to alert you that the titles in the collection are being indexed. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for re-indexing to complete and large files can take longer to process.


The section on working with titles has moved. Please see the title-level fields in knowledge base collections.