Manage collections previously updated by Pubget

OCLC has worked with Pubget since 2011 to help libraries automatically set and maintain e-journal holdings in the WorldCat knowledge base for a select group of publisher platforms.

CCC (which owns Pubget) saw an increasing number of publisher platforms implement new authentication protocols as a requirement to access online holdings information which resulted in their decision to retire the Pubget service on 1 October 2017.    

To ensure the continued maintenance of your collections, you need to:

  1. Disable data feeds from Pubget
  2. Begin to manually maintain your collections

Disable data feeds from Pubget

Option 1: Disable Pubget feeds across all collections

This option is recommended. Disabling Pubget feeds in the institution settings ensures that Pubget will no longer update any of your knowledge base collections in Collection Manager.

To disable Pubget feeds across all collections:

  1. Navigate to Collection Manager > Settings
  2. Select the Knowledge Base Data accordion
  3. Deselect the "Pubget" check box

Option 2: Disable Pubget feeds in each individual collection

To disable Pubget feeds for individual collections:

  1. Find the collection by entering its name in the search box
  2. Click on the collection name
  3. Select the Holdings and MARC records accordion
  4. Under Data Sources, select "Manual upload only"

When these steps are complete, Pubget will no longer update the collection. You are free to make adjustments to the knowledge base collection and title selections but do not delete the collection. Deleting the collection will remove the data feed setting you have enabled and data still moving through the system could cause the collection to be rebuilt.

Repeat the steps above to disable Pubget feeds in other collections previously maintained by Pubget. Alternatively, use the process to disable Pubget feeds across all collections.

The collection-level setting, Data Sources

Manually maintain your collections

To manually maintain your collections in Collection Manager:

  1. If you have not already, disable data feeds from Pubget. Do this before you continue with the steps to manually maintain your collections
  2. Locate the collection you need to update by searching for the collection. For help with search terms, see the list of collections and providers with feeds previously available via Pubget.
  3. Download the collection. For Scope, select "Titles in local holdings" and for Download type, select "KBART"
  4. Save a backup file to your computer or local server
  5. Open the downloaded file to update the rows and change the action column
  6. Save changes as a tab delimited text file (.txt)
  7. Upload the file. If you deleted titles from the collection, select "Replace holdings in collection"
  8. View the collection processing status in the History accordion

For additional information about manually maintaining your collections, see Modify a collection to select your subset of titles.