Create a database-only knowledge base collection through Collection Manager

Use these instruction to create a database-only knowledge base collection through Collection Manager. Database-only collections are used primarily by libraries with WorldShare Acquisitions and/or WorldShare License Manager. These libraries need to acquire collections and/or associate licenses with collections that do not have a defined list of titles.

For example, a library might create a database-only collection for the Oxford English Dictionary website. Doing so would allow them to create an order in Acquisitions and/or an entry in their WorldCat Discovery A to Z list with minimal effort. A database-only collection can be converted in the future to a standard knowledge base collection if a library wants to start managing the content of the collection at the title level.

To create a database-only collection:

Navigate to Collection Manager

  1. Sign in to the WorldShare interface:
  2. Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager (Collection Manager is also available in the Licenses tab).

Create the collection

  1. Click Create a Collection and choose Knowledge base collection from the drop-down list.
  2. Enter the Collection Name (This might be the database name).
  3. Click Create. You will remain on the screen but a Titles accordion will appear.
  4. Expand the Titles accordion.
  5. Rather than using the settings to add a title, click Mark collection as database-only (no titles).
  6. Click Save.

  7. Collection Manager interfacePicture showing where to "mark a collection as database-only (no titles)" in a knowledge base collection in Collection Manager


In Collection Manager, you have the option to search and apply a filter to return all of your database-only collections. See the instructions to search for collections and filter your search results.

Find documentation for WorldShare Acquisitions and for the A to Z list and link resolver.