Request that OCLC loads your government document collections

Have your government document collections already been loaded?

Visit record delivery for government document collections for a step-by-step guide to configure your WorldShare Collection Manager account to deliver records and maintain holdings in WorldCat.

At your request, OCLC will use your Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) profile information to maintain your library-specific government document collections. You do not need to select the collections from the WorldCat knowledge base global collection offerings. OCLC will automatically add title metadata to reflect your FDLP selection profile in your WorldCat knowledge base and you will see your collections reflected after we load your titles for you. Both electronic and non-electronic (print and microform) titles will be represented.

OCLC will refresh your library-specific collections every month so that both your discovery access and your WorldCat holdings remain in synchronization.

Getting started

Libraries who want OCLC to add their government document collections/title metadata automatically must have access to WorldShare Collection Manager in the WorldShare interface and notify OCLC, including this completed information:

"Please create my library-specific collections of government documents in Collection Manager. My WorldCat Registry ID is [number]. My GPO depository number is [number]."

Contact OCLC in one of two ways:

  1. If your library already has access to Collection Manager in the WorldShare interface (Metadata tab): Please email with the information above.

  2. If your library needs access to the WorldShare interface and Metadata tab, or currently has access to the knowledge base via the Service Configuration interface but not via the WorldShare interface:
    Access is included in your cataloguing subscription. Please complete and submit the Collection Manager request form. Please include your institution's information in the comments section of the form, including your WorldCat Registry ID and GPO depository number.

Next steps:

Verify that OCLC has completed adding your library-specific collection information
It can take up to 1 month before your collections are active and viewable in the WorldShare interface. OCLC will contact you when your collections have been added. Once your government document collections been added for you, you will be able to view a title list of your collections:

  • Log in to the WorldShare interface, click on the Metadata tab, and expand "Manage Collections."
  • Leave "My Holdings" checked. Search by using part of a collection or provider name:

    (Collection) US Government Documents - Electronic
    (Collection) US Government Documents - Non-electronic
    (Provider) The U.S Government Printing Office (GPO)

When your collection is returned, click on a collection name to see title information as well as drop down options for WorldCat holdings and MARC records where you will adjust settings as described below. See when OCLC loaded your collections by navigating to "Activity History" in the Metadata tab under "Manage Collections." OCLC will update your collections/collection metadata every month including changes to your profile selections reflected in the FDLP union list of selected items.

Configure your collections for MARC record delivery and maintain holdings in WorldCat
After verifying that your collections have been loaded, see Record delivery for government document collections for instructions on record retrieval and maintaining holdings in WorldCat on your government documents. For additional instructions on settings, see Configure settings for record delivery.