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Knowledge base collections

How to


  • KBART template - To create a collection that is not in the global knowledge base, download a file from a knowledge base collection the Collection Manager interface to use as a template or use this KBART template

  • Link scheme values
  • OCLC number correction form (.xlsx) - Use the spreadsheet to report OCLC number errors

Quick links

  • Settings for link resolution
  • WorldCat holdings - Use these settings to enable holdings in WorldCat across your collections

  • Title-level fields - See information about title-level fields in knowledge base collections including coverage
  • Data sources - See how to use settings to control the sources that populate your collections, for example, to discontinue automated feeds


Query collections

How to

Quick links

  • Find tips and examples to help you define the WorldCat Selection Criteria for your query collection. Note that:
    • Boolean operators must be entered in capital letters. For example: (AND, OR, NOT)
    • Range of year must be entered as two dots ("..") rather than as a dash. For example: yr:2000..2013


Cataloging partner collections

How to

  • Create a cataloging partner collection - Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a cataloging partner collection in Collection Manager and request that your provider send to OCLC your electronic order information

Quick links

  • Required fields - See the fields that are required when you create a cataloging partner collection


Data sync collections


WorldCat updates

How to

Quick links

  • WorldCat update settings - Find the setting to enable WorldCat updates to receive updated records as WorldCat master records are enhanced


General links


  • Settings - Find details on all of the institution settings that are in Collection Manager > Settings
  • Collection-level settings - Find details on collection-level settings

Record settings

About data processing

  • About record processing - Learn about the criteria for new, update and delete records, file names, and the frequency of record output and OCLC's system schedule

Receive reports

Retrieve files

  • Retrieve files - See how to download your files from the WorldShare interface > Metadata > My Files

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