Abstract & revision notes

CatExpress User Guide

Fourth Edition


In-depth information on searching and copy cataloging with CatExpress and on data fields and record retrieval.

Revision history

July 2017

Chapter 2 and 4 of the User Guide updated to reflect Product Services Web end of life.

January 2016

Chapter 4 of the User Guide updated to reflect MARC Subscription Service end of life.

November 2011

User Guide updated with information about record delivery in UNIMARC format for CatExpress Plus users.

August 2006
User Guide updated to reflect enhancements installed in August 2006, including improved export, additional fields and subfields for editing (field 526; more subfields in field 852), and an option to expand/collapse fields on the Catalog screen. Also includes minor updates and corrections throughout.

November 2006
Chapter 1 of the User Guide updated with the following new export options for exporting MARC records to an online file and downloading them: Users can specify fields to delete from exported bibliographic records, set up a default file name for downloaded files, and determine whether export files are created for each authorization or for all authorizations associated with the same institution. Also includes minor updates in chapter 2l.

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