CatExpress documentation

Glossaire de CatExpress


CatExpress User Guide (Manuel de l'utilisateur CatExpress)

Instructions détaillées sur la recherche, le catalogage dérivé, les étiquettes, les zones et la récupération de notices.

CatExpress Quick Reference (Aide-mémoire pour CatExpress)

Informations concises sur la recherche, le catalogage dérivé, les étiquettes et la récupération de notices.

Using OCLC CatExpress in Connexion: An OCLC Tutorial

Step by step demonstration of key CatExpress operations


Bibliographic Formats and Standards

Tagging conventions, input standards and guidelines for WorldCat records


Record structure, character sets, and exchange media formatting for OCLC-MARC records on magnetic tape, via electronic file transfer, and via export

Product Services Web Quick Reference

Using the Product Services Web site to download records reports, macros, software, documentation and support information

Searching WorldCat Indexes

Detailed descriptions of WorldCat search indexes, including fields and subfields indexed.