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The WorldCat Cataloging Partners User Guide presents information about a collaborative relationship with materials vendors that delivers OCLC-MARC records to match the materials ordered through participating vendor partners and sets library holdings automatically in WorldCat. The Guide provides an overview of the service, procedures for using the service, and descriptions of how the service processes records.

Audience for this Guide

The WorldCat Cataloging Partners User Guide assumes a general knowledge of OCLC Cataloging services. The Guide can be used as an introduction to WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP), as an instruction manual for using WCP, and as a reference tool to answer questions about WCP.

Ordering WorldCat Cataloging Partners

You can order WorldCat Cataloging Partners through the OCLC Online Service Center.


Availability of this Guide

This Guide is available on the OCLC Web site at < http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/catalogingpartners/using/guide>

Typographic conventions

In this Guide, italic type indicate values in fields, for example, In the Type field, enter codes a, b, or c. Data you need to supply also appears in italic type in brackets, for example, edx.pcat. [slc]. Do not enter the brackets.

More information

See the following sources for more information about WorldCat Cataloging Partners. The remaining documents are available at the OCLC Web site, at the address given.

Source Description of Information
OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Partners web site

Information about using WorldCat Cataloging Partners vendor partners, and other information.
Bibliographic Formats and Standards

Definitions and descriptions of fields and subfields in OCLC-MARC records.
EDX User Guide

Requirements and step-by-step procedures for sending files to or retrieving files from various OCLC services.
Product Services Web Reference Card

How to use OCLC Product Services via the World Wide Web.

Record and file specifications and lists of valid fields and subfields in OCLC-MARC records.

WorldCat Cataloging Partners Listserv. For information on the listserv, including how to subscribe, see:


Ongoing discussion, current information, and support for WCP users. This listserv is owned and maintained by OCLC.


OCLC acknowledges the efforts of those who contributed to making this Guide:

OCLC Reviewers: Sandi Jones, Bob Pearson, Kristina Truthan, Maureen Huss, Tim Savage, Jenny Tweed, Julie Whitley

Writers: Chris Dawson and Joanne Murphy