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We use the Update command. Can we use Accessions List?

If you use Update to avoid receiving cards, consider changing your Cataloging profile to "No-Cards." This allows you to use Produce and still not receive cards. You can then receive the Accessions List. Contact your OCLC regional service provider to make this change.

What does an Accessions List look like?

The Sample Records and Reports section of the Product Services Web provides an OCLC Accessions List sample file containing a variety of sort options.

When does record selection begin for my new subscription?

OCLC begins collecting information for inclusion on your list at the point that the order is processed and the subscription becomes active at OCLC. OCLC cannot produce Accessions Lists for retrospective dates prior to the beginning of your subscription.

What are the exact periods of coverage for each frequency?

The semimonthly covers cataloging activity from the 1st through the 15th and the 16th through the last day of the month. Monthly covers the 1st through the last day of the month. Quarterly is divided into Jan-Mar, April-June, July-Sept and Oct-Dec. Each quarter begins on the 1st day of the first month and ends on the last day of the third month.

Can records be collected retroactively to fill Lists?

No. We cannot collect records before the subscription became active at OCLC.

How are bibliographic records selected for Accessions Lists?

Accessions Lists include all Cataloging full-mode and enhance-mode Produces for each holding library. (Titles cataloged with the Update function do not appear.) You can choose whether to include serials.

Is WorldCat Cataloging Partners activity reflected in Accessions Lists?

No. Accessions List only captures current online cataloging.

Is contract cataloging activity reflected in Accessions Lists?

Yes. However, you must notify OCLC contract cataloging that you are an Accessions List subscriber. Staff can then use the proper authorization to add their cataloging activity to your list.

HTML Lists do not support diacritics. Why?

We have not resolved the technical issues related to supporting diacritics in the HTML lists.


When must I order to receive a complete first List?

New and change orders must be received at OCLC at least 7 working days before the beginning of the Accessions List period to receive the entire period's data. Use the PDF order form or the HTML interactive form to submit an order to your OCLC regional service provider.


Is there a charge for changing my List options?

No. OCLC does not charge for profile changes.


Can we get an Accessions List for just part of our library?

Yes. Choose the Selected Holding Libraries sort option and list the holding library codes that suit your specific needs.

Can I get a different secondary sort for some holding libraries?

Yes. Choose the Selected Holding Libraries sort option.

May I subscribe to two lists to get title and subject sorts?

Currently, a library can subscribe to only one list at the primary sort level.

Is it possible for the library names to be spelled out in full?

The institution and holding library names used in the Accessions List are taken from your OCLC cataloging profile. Please contact your regional service provider to request this kind of change to your profile.

What fields are provided in Accessions List entries?

The fields provided are: Author, Title, Subtitle, Place, Publisher, Date, Call numbers, and for subject sorts, Subject Heading. At this time, it is not possible to have the OCLC control number or the table of contents generated as part of the List. However, future enhancements might allow additional fields.


In what format are Accessions Lists distributed?

Lists are posted to OCLC Product Services Web in HTML format. They can be downloaded and mounted directly to your library's Web page.

How will I know when Lists are posted to Product Services?

We put logon messages about new Accessions Lists on OCLC Cataloging.

When are Accessions Lists available?

The quarterly, monthly and first semimonthly lists are available by the 1st of the month, usually sooner. The second semimonthly report is available by the 15th of the month.

How long are Lists available on Product Services Web?

Semimonthly and monthly lists are retained for 90 days. We retain the current list and one list back for quarterly lists.

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