Lists are a way for you to group library-owned items you have found while using WorldCat. Lists let you keep track of items of interest and refer back to them whenever you want to. You can also share your lists with friends and colleagues. List invitations can be sent to anyone with an e-mail address regardless of whether they maintain a WorldCat account. See To share a list, below.

You can have up to 500 library items on a list. Keep in mind that you can create as many lists as you need. After you have added 500 items to a list, any additional items you try to add will not appear on the list. You can delete items to make room, move some items to another list you've created, or start a new list.

CollapsedAccessing lists
CollapsedDefault lists
CollapsedTo save items to a default or existing list
CollapsedTo save items to a new list
CollapsedTo rename a list
CollapsedTo share a list
CollapsedTo save a list to your computer
CollapsedTo delete a list
CollapsedTo print a list
CollapsedTo copy/move items from one list to another
CollapsedTo delete items from a list
CollapsedWatching lists 
CollapsedRSS feed

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