Jeff Young

Software Architect

Jeff Young

My interests include web services, interoperability, and resource-oriented architectures.

Most recently, I have been involved as system architect for the WorldCat Registry. This application uses a "collection of items" data model with distributed SRU and SRU Update services acting as the database abstraction layer. Additional services are built on this foundation via an OpenURL infrastructure, including user interfaces, machine interfaces, mashups, and HTML form processing.

This effort demonstrates the concepts that "everything is a resource", and "all operations are CRUD (create, read, update, and delete)". By embracing standardized implementations of CRUD operations, development effort shifts from coding to data modeling. Specifically, what are the resources that need to be identified and treated as units supporting the atomic CRUD operations? It is vital that these data units be coherent and decoupled for maximum reusability. In particular, UML domain modeling is invaluable for this purpose.

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