OCLC Research Library Partnership welcomes three new Partners: one from the U.S. and two from Australia

We are pleased to welcome a new Partner from the U.S. and two new Partners from Australia to the OCLC Research Library PartnershipMontana State University, Australian National University and Monash University! The Partner Representatives are Mr. Kenning Arlitsch, Dean of the Library, for Montana State University; Ms. Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian, for Australian National University; and Ms. Cathrine Harboe-Ree, University Librarian, for Monash University.

We look forward to collaborating with them to achieve significant, innovative and collective action for the benefit of research libraries and their users.

The OCLC Research Library Partnership currently comprises 167 Partner institutions.

For more information:

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research


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